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5.a brief consideration of its major subject areas will further clarity how the study of pharmacol...

6.急求关于Do you like fast food?Why or why not?的5人英语对话,每人5句以上。大学口语考试用。好的追加10



       GRE词汇积累: 近、反义词

        改革后的新gre考试词汇量的考察下降20%,但这并不代表着新gre考试对词汇的要求放松了,与词汇量相比,新gre更加注重实际语言能力的考察,所以同学们绝对不能放松对词汇的学习,以下是为大家分享的有关新gre词汇的考法及近义词和反义词的汇总,希望对大家有所帮助。 1) n. 新手: a person who is just starting out in a field of activity

        2) young and inexperienced

        Synonyms: novice, rookie, nascent, uninitiated; apprentice, beginner, freshman, neophyte, novice, tyro, recruit, rookie; fledge

        fledgling < mature, veteran

        I am learning Chinese, but I’m just a fledgling speaker, having studied the language for only six months.

        The fledgling mountain climber needed assistance from the more experienced mountaineers.

        The course was not recommended for fledgling skiers.

        At hockey he’s still a fledgling and needs to work on his basic skating skills.

        In case of emergency implement the evacuation plan immediately.

        The rack is an implement of torture.

        n. 工具: a device used in the performance of a task

        gardening implements such as hoes, spades, and pruners 诸如锄头、铲子和修枝剪一类的园艺工具

        apparatus, device, instrument, tool, utensil

        v. 执行,实施: to put into practical effect; carry out

        implement the new online application procedures 实行新的网申程序

        administer, apply, effect, enforce, execute, invoke, perform ;

        cancel, repeal, rescind, revoke 撤销

        implementation n. 执行,履行

        1) unwilling to be pacified or appeased

        2) unable to be calmed down or made peaceful

        Synonyms: inflexible, merciless, relentless, uncompromising, unyielding

        Although the team had been eliminated from contention in the playoffs, it proved to be an implacable opponent.

        The baby was so implacable a warm bottle would not settle her.

        The two year old was an implacable child; he cried no matter what his parents did to comfort him.

        adj. 固执的: sticking to an opinion, purpose, or course of action in spite of reason, arguments, or persuasion

        adamant, dogged, headstrong, intransigent, mulish, obdurate, pertinacious, stubborn, unyielding

        acquiescent 倾向于默认的;compliant, flexible, pliable, pliant, yielding 易受影响的

        adj. 无法平息的: not capable of being appeased, significantly changed, or mitigated

        an implacable enemy 无法与之和解的敌人

        determined, grim, relentless, unappeasable

        placable 可平息的,可缓和的



        impious < devout

        The impious eccentric hadn’t been to church for years.

        adj.不敬神的: lacking reverence for holy or sacred matters

        made impious remarks about the church 对教会做出不敬的评论

        blasphemous, irreverent, profane, sacrilegious

        pious虔诚的;reverent 敬神的

        impiety n. (对神的)不敬

        1) moving with great force; done with little thought

        2) characterized by undue haste and lack of thought or deliberation

        3) passionately impulsive

        Synonyms: impassionate, spontaneous, unexpected

        impetuous < tolerant, patient, circumspect, deliberate

        impetuous : patience

        impetuous : hesitance

        impetuous : hesitate

        impetuous : hesitant

        impetuous : hesitation

        impetuous : vacillation

        impetuosity < hesitance/vacillation 冲动<犹豫/踌躇

        1) thin in form or density; lacking substance, strength, clarity, or a sound basis in reasoning

        2) (adj.) thin, slim, delicate; weak

        Tenuous ---- flimsy; not solid

        tenuous ---- having little substance or significance

        Tenuous ----- Adj. Having little substance or strength, flimsy, weak or rare

        Syn: flimsy, rare; questionable, unsubstantial, vague, weak, gossamer

        tenuous < substantial

        We questioned her tenuous reasons for her three-day absence, but she refused to clarify her story.

        The hurricane force winds ripped the tenuous branches from the tree.

        The spectators panicked as they watched the cement block dangle from one tenuous piece of twine.



       1.词形不变,词性改变。例如:work, study, water, plant等可以用作动词,也可以用作名词。

       2. 一些动词在词尾加上-er或-or之后就变成了表示“某一类人”的名词。例如:work—worker, teach—teacher, sing—singer, jump—jumper, play—player, learn—learner, visit—visitor, invent—inventor等。

       注意:1)以不发音的e结尾的动词,在词尾加-r。例如:drive—driver, write—writer等。

       2)以重读闭音节结尾,且末尾只有一个辅音字母的动词,应双写末尾的辅音字母,再加-er。例如:run—runner, win—winner, begin—beginner等。

       3. 在动词词尾加-ing变成名词(方法与动词变为现在分词的方法相同)。例如: meet—meeting, build—building, wait—waiting, wash—washing, swim—swimming, shop—shopping, begin—beginning等。








       在Develop(修改照片)(译者注:括号是Lightroom 3简体中文版中的名称,下同。)模块下,首先使用Basic(基本)面板下的各项设置对照片进行全局调整。这一步中,主要关注那些在Adjustment Brush(调整画笔)和Graduated Filter(渐变滤镜)面板中无法调整的内容,例如Blacks(黑色色阶)、Fill Light(补光效果)、Recovery(高光修正)和Vibrance(鲜艳度)。

       我会把Recovery(高光修正)滑块向右至少拉到一半(本例中拉到了右端),然后调整Fill Light(补光效果),使阴影中包含一定的细节。我还会调整Blacks(黑色色阶)以加深阴影,同时也会调整其他一些项比如Exposure(曝光度)和Brightness(亮度)作为开始工作。(译者注:这些工作实质就是调整照片对比度,并修正高光和阴影的细节。)




       我们从小屋开始处理,使用Graduated Filter(渐变滤镜),拖动分区线选中照片右下方作为调整区,调整Brightness(亮度)、Exposure(曝光度)和Clarity(清晰度)带出画面细节。





       在这里我可能会再增加一个Gradusted Filter(渐变滤镜),进一步降低Clarify(清晰度)柔化细节。Gradusted Filter(渐变滤镜)的效果可以叠加,所以可以做多个滤镜叠加起来以增强效果。


       在Graduated Filter(渐变滤镜)中处理完毕之后,回到Basic(基本)面板中,进行一些微调使整张照片更协调。这里我调整了Brightness(亮度)和Fill Light(补光效果)来稍微加亮照片。




       最后,我使用了Adjustment Brush(调整画笔)对照片中的塑料箱子做了一点调整。用画笔选中它,略微降低Exposure(曝光度),令其不会使读者分心。

        在任何时间,我都可以回顾做过的处理,包括Graduated Filter(渐变滤镜)和Adjustment Brush(调整画笔),如果愿意的话还可以调整那些设置。










       (二)同根词替换。例如:clear---clearly---clarity ---clarify;

       Method ---methodology




       例如:Fortnight---14 days---2 weeks

       25% ---1/4

       A decade --- 10 years

       A century---100 years


       在雅思听力中,由并列连接词连接的任何两个选项都不能选,这样的情况下,考生们要选择第三个。常出现的连词有:and;or;aswell as;Not only…but also…;Neither…nor…;Both… and…



a brief consideration of its major subject areas will further clarity how the study of pharmacol...






       水、C12-13醇硫酸酯茶盐、甘油、羟乙基纤维素、PEG-150二硬脂酸酯、尿囊素、水解珍珠、PEG-60氢化蓖麻油、苯甲醇、甲基异噻唑啉酮、乙二胺四乙酸二钠、墨角藻提取物、香精、CI 45410、CI 42090。









急求关于Do you like fast food?Why or why not?的5人英语对话,每人5句以上。大学口语考试用。好的追加10

       a brief consideration of its major subject areas will further clarity how the study of pharmacology is best approached (from the standpoint of the specific requirements and interests of the medical student and practitioner)


       a brief consideration of its major subject areas will further clarify 对它(药理学)的专业学科领域短暂的考虑将更加清楚的地解释。



       A Hey man, did you see the McDonald's commercial on TV last night, they were advertising big macs deal two for three dollars.

       B yeah, I saw that one, it almost made me want to go there last night. I like eating a big juicy burger.

       C what are you guys talking about?

       D Those two are blathering about the Big Mac ad they saw last night, and I would never eat that kind of food even it is for free.

       C Oh, I am not a big fan of fast food either, but I do eat their salads every once in a while, just to have the little mandarin orange slices they put in them.

       E those salads are the worst, I remember when they first came out, I ate lots of them for lunch, but I gained a few pounds very fast. I then looked up the nutrition information on line, believe it or not, they actually contain more calories than a medium size meal.

       A I knew about that too, of course I never bothered to try the salads, I hate veggies.

       B maybe it is a good idea to stick with just burgers, fries and coke.

       E I will never eat those salad again. I never liked the other stuff from them, just when I thought fast food places are inventing new ways to attract more health conscious people, what they put out was more junk than their hamburgers.

       D I guess we now have even more reasons to resist eating fast food, they are making salads just as unhealthy as those greasy hamburgers. This really makes me want to think twice about why those businesses should still be around.

       E I am just saying they will never squeeze a dollar out of me again.

       C all they want is your money, they could care less about the health of its customers.

       A what do you know about fast food, aside from not eating at those places, you two shouldn't bad mouth them.

       C one thing I do know, because I did a research on their nutritions, I found that most of the items on their menu don't provide enough nutrients an average person needs. The food are high in calories, high in fat, high in sodium and low in vitamins.

       D I agree, I always feel thirsty after a bite of their sandwiches.

       B I really would go to a restaurant with healthier choice of foods if I had more money in my pocket. Who wouldn't? When u said that fast food has very high level of fat, what exactly are you saying besides the obvious fat from hamburger patties?

       C well, their salads for instance, with the packet of dressing they give you, it containes over 30 grams of fat. 30 grams account for half of what you are supposed to eat in one day! The french fries are not fried in vegetable oil, they often use shortening which is worse for your body than animal fat is.

       A I know about shortenings too, they used to use them in all kinds of pastries back in the 70s, that's when they mass produced the cookies we see on the shelves today, shortening keeps the food from going bad.

       E so do you really think the artificial fat that prolongs the shelf life of a cookies can do your body any good.

       A I guess not, it could somehow mess up my body.

       B I think I will not go eat there as often as I did before, upon hearing this, I really think I need to eat healthier foods to make up what I lost.

       E I am really glad that you too are starting to realize the danger of eating fast food.

       D not that I am promising not to set foot into those places again, I certainly would visit them less often. Maybe I will skip the dressing when I do have the salad their.

       C wow, I think my job is done here. A little hard evidence turned two carnivores into vegans.

       B not yet, I still love milk and a good steak.

       A yeah, steak is whats for dinner.